Just got these god damn AMAZING ebony wood plugs with pump-a-kin brass inlays from the very talented

They were meant for @naepiertattoo ‘s birthday earlier in the month, but luckily they came in time for Halloween! I love how the hand carved wood catches the brass refractions…. dreamy!


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Photo credit: Odd Anderson/AFP

Are your followers ever gonna see more of your booty?

Maybe if they tell me who they are. Who knows!

It sucks that I have a way to contact a lot of really well respected and known piercers (thanks interwebz) and Im too scared to ask them things that I feel I should already know because I dont want to look stupid.


Nancy Sinatra // Bang Bang

Now he’s gone I don’t know why 
And till this day some times I cry 
He didn’t even say goodbye 
He didn’t take the time to lie 

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Thought I stop and say I miss the booty sooooo much

Bootys still here grey face!


Oh no. Look at you go anon. You really hurt my feelings with this one. *eye roll*

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I like to have white or ambient noise playing while I study, so I thought I’d share a list of my favourite websites in case anyone else was interested.

  1. Rainymood - Allows you to play rain, with suggestions of ambient music to play at the same time. Has an iOS and Android app, my personal favourite.
  2. Calm - A visually beautiful website. Provides moving backgrounds and an option for guided calm which allows you to immerse yourself in the music and to relax. Has a free app for iPhone. Another one of my favourites.
  3. Showertime - The experience of taking a shower without the water. Allows you to control features such as length of shower, size of room, water pressure, etc.
  4. Coffitivity - The background noise of a coffee shop. Allows you to choose between different locations such as lunchtime lounge, morning murmur  etc. Has an app for iOS and Android as well as a desktop app for OS X.
  5. Soundrown - A website with a sleek minimalist design, allows you to choose between rain, coffee shop, ocean, fire, bird noises, or a combination of the five.
  6. Relaxing Snow - Visually beautiful falling snow, the website gives you the opinion to play music with the scenery, or to choose your own.
  7. Raining.Fm - This website gives you the ability to adjust the rain to exactly how you’d like it, with options to tweak thunder, rain and storm noises. Has an app for iOS and Android, as well as a timer and snooze option.
  8. Rain For Me - Simple rain effects with the option to download the audio files for offline listening.
  9. Snowy Mood - Inspired by Rainy Mood, this website really makes you feel like it’s winter. Perfect for playing while snuggled up in a warm bed.
  10. Rainy Cafe - Combines the sounds of a bustling cafe setting with the sounds of drizzling rain. Allows you to select the volume of each setting, or turn one off completely.

Gods bless everyone who ever reblogged this. I’d like to add

Also, here’s some whale stuff, which I have found to be particularly hard to find:
and also:

Oh, you like birds motherfucker? Here you go:


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We have one pair of these gorgeous Rose Gold Angel Wing Weights available right now! We also have Brass and Metal. #tawapa #jewelry #plugs #fashion #piercing #piercings #tattoo #tattoos #stretchedears #stretchedlobes #dtla #losangeles #septum #bodyjewelry #legitbodyjewelry #plugsofinstagram #plugsporn #safepiercing


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Ever seen a baby opossum riding a fawn?

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Cement eclipses; tiny cement skeletons haunt the streets in Mexico.

the skeleton war hit us hard

I proper love this