These two ravens are having way too much fun playing in the snow

yay! its back!!

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even white people are sick of white people’s bullshit

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becoming a demon seems like a good career option

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Can I lick your butthole. I bet it tastes like perfection.

Grey faces cant touch the booty!


" you’re gonna have that tattoo for the rest of your life"

Wow really?

I didn’t..

are you serious?

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True facts

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Your challenge Mr. Garcia? I'm sorry, who the hell are you, and should I know you? So let me get this straight a man who I don't know, and why should I he's a nobody, Wants me to take time out of my busy schedule, and make him a piece of shit gold septum ring... While I am making $150,000 engagement rings, to prove what to whom? Let me state this, number one the only reason why I landed on AJ's page was because my niece wanted to get her nose pierced, went to your friends studio and wanted to




This whole first paragraph is continued from this moron’s ask response to me :

"Get her nose pierced with a piece of gold jewelry. After texting me and telling me the prices, I then googled the studio and somehow landed on AJ’s Tumblr. That would explain why I am under anonymous, because I don’t give a shit about any of this stuff. I simply called him out because what he is doing and selling is completely ridiculous. After reading his posts, and hearing him talk about the quality of jewelry, made me fucking laugh. And yes Mr. Garcia my family and I are 82% owners of Diamond mind in south Africa. Complaining about prices? Now I wasn’t complaining, I was simply trying to make everybody aware that AJ is a rip off, and what he is selling and for the prices he is selling them at is complete fucking bullshit. Now I don’t understand why you stuck nose in this argument, but like I said I have no idea who you are, because you are a nobody. Why don’t you do your self a favor, I don’t care if you have been piercing for 50 years, go get yourself a reputable Occupation, maybe even an education, and when you are done doing all of that, maybe then I will make you that gold septum piece u so badly want : But I can guarantee you this, it won’t be a fucking rip off. Now do your self a favor, go back to piercing 15 year old girls and making a difference in this world. Here’s an idea, maybe you should go to law school since you like fighting other people’s battles so bad. Have a great day fellas!!!! Oh, and I almost forgot, don’t forget to send this to AJ, so he can re-blogged this or whatever!!!! lMFAO maybe when we are all off of our periods, we can go get a beer and settle this the right way! Happy piercing"

And my response:

Wow, just wow.

Apparently all that metalsmithing had ruined your reading comprehension.

I do not covet any jewelry from you. You ran your mouth, so I asked you to pony up and see if you could meet our current standards for polish, since you seem to think that you could do as good a job for a cheaper price. Then we could put it side by side with the stuff that AJ uses, that you claim is a rip off, so we can compare quality. By the way you were talking, one would think that should be a quick and easy job for you. Apparently not, so you just spouted off a bunch of irrelevant nonsense.

Let’s touch on some of your moronic banter, shall we?

First, who am I? I’m one of the better known body piercers in the world who has taught technique classes all over the world.

I have an education. I have two bachelors, one in biology, and another in chemistry, from George Washington University in DC. From the sounds of it, I’m clearly more educated than you.

I chose to work in this field because it makes me happy. Simple as that. I wouldn’t expect you to understand that, though, since you sound like the typical spoiled brat that is raised by a family that owns a blood mine. Money is all you care about. You’d probably sell your own family out for a thousand bucks.

As for making $150,000 wedding rings, do you realize how hypocritical you are being? It’s well known that the typical markup for such rings is over 1000% (verified by several Philadelphia jeweler’s row jewelers, and by me purchasing my husband’s wedding band for cost at (under $10,000 when it’s retail value on jewelers row was over $150,000)

You’re more guilty than AJ, since you claim to be one of the family that owns this style of business.

All AJ is doing is pricing accordingly to what he was charged wholesale. Maybe it’s the wiser people in your family business that handle that kind of stuff, but let me explain it for you: every business sells their items for at least 200% more than what they payed to acquire it. It’s simple economics.

I interjected because you were full of total shit, and that’s how tumblr works. I can chose to interject and respond to blathering monkeys like you. At least I’m not doing it anonymously.

You point the finger at our industry, when yours is more guilty than almost any other industry of the same thing, only to a way higher extent.

As for your name calling, really? That’s all you have? Calling me a nobody?

That falls flatter than a skeletons’ tits, grey face.


Roasted, motherfucker

Good. God. Damn. Destroyed that dude….

J.W. Anderson Floral Combat Boots FW 2011

There is a need.

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